Nutmeg Increases Client Base

 Nutmeg Increases Client Base

Nutmeg Increases Client Base

Nutmeg shocked investors after announcing in April 2021, that its assets had surpassed £3 billion. It also claimed to have experienced a year-on-year growth rate of around 72%. Ever since this company came into being in 2011 in the UK, it cant stop impressing investors with some landmark achievements. Of course, there are lots of other companies claiming to help people manage their investments. However, Nutmeg has managed to stand out with some impressive performances in the industry so far.

Since the first quarter of 2020, it has experienced an increase in clients. This is around 53% according to experts. Due to the increasing client base, its revenue has increased by more than 200%. According to the Chief Executive Officer, Neil Alexander, the company is experiencing such success due to some factors which are quite simple to understand. For instance, while the year 2020 was very difficult for many UK residents, there are people who had more disposable income. Such was due to reduced spendings on holidays, commuting, leisure and hospitality.

Another factor that he pointed out was low interest rate. Due to how this doesn't look like increasing in the nearest future, many people are now beginning to focus on investing. In other words, they are considering how to increase their investment. The times are changing very fast and nutmeg is benefitting hugely from such changes. Apart from being able to exceed £3 billion, its client base has gone beyond 130,000. This is a major landmark that only few companies can boost of all over the world.

Majority of investment brands got stranded due to Covid-19 outbreak in 2020. This happened because of their inability to adopt financial technology fast enough. This has been one of the major areas where nutmeg has shown strength over the years. It benefitted from what happened during the pandemic due to being able to adopt financial technology early enough as compared to its competitors. For instance, it had integrations with reputable firms such as Money Dashboard, Emma, Yolt, and Starling Bank. Don't forget that it was also the first company which managed to ensure facilitation of account top-ups. Such happened through open banking payments. With this, clients have the chance of making investments very fast without hassle. You can see that nutmeg is truly moving with the times.

Is Nutmeg A Safe Place To Invest?

Given all the problems that investors have faced in the past with companies which claim to help them manage their assets, there is every reason to entertain some doubts about the credibility of Nutmeg. However, you need to understand that this company is quite different. Its mission has been to enable investors see the bigger picture with regard to what they stand to gain. This is a company that is interested in enabling people get maximum returns from their investment.

Apart from that, it is an award-winning company. Also, its activities are fully regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The implication of this is that it is a company which has managed to align with the various UK regulations. The bottom line is that you don't have to entertain any fear while trying to commit your funds to Nutmeg.

How Is Nutmeg Different From Other Companies?

You must have heard it over and over again in this post about how Nutmeg experienced an increase in client base. However, you are still trying to understand what makes it different. In the UK, it is probably the largest and most reputable digital wealth advisor. It gives you the chance of making money from your savings. If Nutmeg isn't a trusted company, it wouldn't have such a huge client base.

One of the reasons why people are signing up for its services is that it has proven to be an ideal option for those who are new into the world of investment. For instance, there are robo-advisers which can help you make the right investment decisions. Your portfolio will be managed at the lowest possible cost.

Nutmeg Client Base Outlook

Having seen the details above, it is very obvious that Nutmeg is a powerhouse amongst other digital wealth advisors in the UK. You need to start considering the possibility of using its expertise to manage your assets and generate maximum returns.

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