American Airlines To Allow In Flight Alcohol Sales

 American Airlines To Allow In Flight Alcohol Sales

American Airlines to allow in-flight alcohol sales

American Airlines announced to be resuming sales of alcoholic beverages from April to most of its domestic flights. Food and beverages were suspended in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic that led to minimum physical contact between crew and passengers.

The airlines said sales of spirits, wine and beer to start from April 18 on the domestic flights that cover more than 250 miles distance.

Major airlines have started resuming the sales of alcohol to flight customers taking long-distance international flights and American Airlines joined them by offering beer and wine in only the premium cabins.

Meanwhile, the federal mandate to wear masks at airports and on flights is scheduled to expire soon. Airlines officials reveal disputes related to mask and alcohol have played important role in the rise of onboard incidents lately. While briefing why the sales of alcohol have not been resumed until now, the officials said it can exacerbate stressful situations and can add up to atypical behavior.

Meanwhile, amid the fresh wave of coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned nations the pandemic is not over and remaining vigilant is required. The global figure reveals a rise in cases and this may lead to a graver problem as rigid testing has been lifted by most governments.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of WHO, said the cases being reported are just a tip of an iceberg as some countries have reduced testing of the virus. The new variant is a combination of Omicron and its cousin BA2.

He added that WHO has made a call to countries to continue the test and vaccination drive to protect people as well as health workers.

Maria Van Kerkhove from the organization said the Omicron transmitted at a rapid speed and listing of Covid protocol like physical distancing and masks are making the new virus spread faster. Between March 17 and 13, the world witnessed 11 crore new coronavirus cases and deaths accounted for more than 43,000. The situation in the western Pacific region is worrying. Cases in China and South Korea jumped about 25 percent.

Similarly, new cases rise of about 12 percent was witnessed in Africa and the death cases were 14 percent. Even though Europe managed the deaths but new cases jumped by 2 percent.

Experts believe another wave could be witnessed in Europe as new cases are rising in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. It is simultaneously being said the United States may embrace a similar wave.

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