Peter Wennink Leads Asml Despite Chip Shortage

 Peter Wennink Leads Asml Despite Chip Shortage

ASML Performing Well Despite Chip Shortages

ASML is based in the Netherlands and is famous for making lithography equipment that can be used to engrave tiny circuits on semiconductors. This specialty of ASML has earned it esteemed customers such as TSM and Intel, which have further fueled the demand.

Due to such a rich client base, ASML managed to hit double-digit sales figures and profit quarters in the last 4 quarters. In fact, experts believe that similar performance will be shown by ASML for this quarter as well.

Just last month, the Q1 earnings of ASML were 264% higher with a 90% increase in sales. So despite the global chip shortages, the ASML business is not showing any signs of slowing down.

ASML Stock Outlook Upgraded

With better-than-average earnings and sales figures, experts have upgraded their view of ASML stock. Previously, the experts had classified it as 'hold,' and the new outlook is 'buy.'

The stock price of ASML was also upgraded from 540 to a new value of 745, which tells us that even the experts are now bullish on this stock. Experts believe this shortage of semiconductors around the globe will immensely help the ASML.

But what would happen once the semiconductor shortage is no more? Will this bring the ASLM extra-ordinary performance back to just ordinary? I don't think so at all!

ASML has specialized in a unique product, and this has also earned it some of the best clients in the world, such as Intel. And considering how so many products are now reliant on semiconductors, it makes sense to think that ASLM will continue to post good growth in terms of sales and profits.

In fact, there is a good chance that the sales of ASML may improve once the semiconductor shortage is officially over. While no company can hold better than expected numbers for a long period of time, ASML will continue to do good even if its sales numbers go down!

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