Trading212 One The Biggest Broker In Uk And Europe

 Trading212 One The Biggest Broker In Uk And Europe

Trading212, One The Biggest Broker In UK And Europe

During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, investors from all across the world gravitated into intensely captivating pursuits like day trading.

Due to the significant increase in retail trading volumes, commission-free broker Trading 212 saw its funded account count increase to 600,000 in 2020.

The company's main product line includes free fractional investing in more than 3,000 international stocks, ETFs, foreign currency, and derivatives products, as well as instructional videos, discussion forums, and analytical tools.

With AutoInvest and Pie, the firm lately focused on sustainable and automated investment.

Despite being in beta, the tools allow users to begin creating their portfolios, or 'Pies,' as Trading 212 refers to them, using an intuitive automatic investing and rebalancing technology.

Automated investment, according to Ashminov, 'is a key part of our future since it provides us a wonderful potential to develop and lower costs for the clients.' 'Day trading may be popular right now, but it will pass, just like any such cycle when everyone suddenly wants to day trade and speculate,'

There will soon be a new generation, and they will have very high standards for user experience. They oppose excessive commissions and fees. They want a user-friendly interface and contracts without any fine print, he claimed. They are quite independent, and we are accommodating for that.

We definitely want to experience the same degree of growth as we do in the UK in terms of development.

In all of Europe, Trading 212 strives to be the most recognized and trustworthy trading platform. To assist investors feel more confident, the firm is pursuing investment banking licenses in order to achieve this aim.

'The next phase is to innovate with new tools and to democratize wealth management in general, not only trading and investing.'

'Our key message is that if you start now, when you're in your 20s, with only a few pounds each day, by the time you retire, you'll be a billionaire. I believe that when it launches the following month, it will significantly set us apart from the competition.

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