Uk Space Agency Invests In Uk Space Projects

 Uk Space Agency Invests In Uk Space Projects

UK Space Agency Invests In UK Space Projects

The United Kingdom Space Agency is getting prepared for some new space projects and to be injecting a fund of about 2 million pounds for the purpose. One of the important projects to note here include the development of a space power station by Rolls Royce to help in the generation of breathable oxygen, water as well as solar exploration fuels.

Abi Clayton, future programmes director at Rolls Royce, said the agency's support is instrumental in making a progress towards the so-called Micro Reactor programme.

The injection of funds is a true example of private-public partnership. The nuclear expertise of Rolls Royce will work together with the space agency and the two can achieve some technological first for the country.

Apart from the power generation systems, a couple of other projects include imaging technology based on radiation-resistant to withstand radiation on the red planet Mars as well as a new communication tool that can cut the delay time of conversations between Earth and Mars.

Meanwhile, it is simultaneously learned that engineers of Rolls Roy6ce are seeking the development of a robot to help in the search for water and oxygen on Moon.

Lately, businesses are playing major roles in the space industry and Airbus is leading in the rover segment. It has come up with a robot to retrieve samples of rocks on Mars.

George Freeman, the country's science minister, said the upcoming projects will ensure people here will benefit from upgraded technology that includes micro-reactor.

He added that the 2 million pounds will support more than a dozen new projects and lead to some discovery breakthroughs.

The UK has invested about 180 million pounds in recent years for the global exploration programme. The country is supporting the efforts of the international space community to land humans again on Moon.

The Space Reactor programme of Rolls Royce is being implemented at the funding of 249,000 pounds and the company will be supported by its six decades of nuclear expertise. Engineers are developing safe, autonomous and deployable Micro-Reactor in space.

The water purification system is being led by the University of Southampton for funding of 100,000 pounds. Getting access to safe drinking water in the space mission has always been a challenge for the crew members and the project will help in solving the issue.

The crew health project will be led by Braided Communications at the funding of 100,000 pounds to help in minimizing obvious hazards faced by the crew members due to radiation and microgravity.

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