Microsoft Shares Turn Higher

 Microsoft Shares Turn Higher

Microsoft Shares Turn Higher As Tech Company Hires Sam Altman

Sam Altman, who was the famed former CEO of OpenAI, has been hired by Microsoft. After the news, the shares of Microsoft turned higher, which is a sign of the market's confidence.

The Microsoft CEO shared the news of hiring the former OpenAI CEO on a social media site. They added that Sam Altman is one of the most popular figures in the field of AI industry and how it will allow Microsoft to expand its reach further. In addition, the Microsoft CEO also said that this move will allow the company to move quickly.

Microsoft's Position Improved In AI Field

Earlier, news was shared by media outlets that Sam would not be returning to his earlier position as CEO at the OpenAI. Now that we have the confirmation from Microsoft, it seems like going back to the OpenAI is no longer an option.

On the other hand, OpenAI has decided to go with 'Emmett Shear' who is also the co-founder of Twitch. He will be serving as the interim CEO of the OpenAI company.

In the last few days, a lot has happened at the OpenAI, which eventually led to Sam Altman's leaving the OpenAI company. According to experts, the internal rift at the OpenAI may harm the progress in the AI field. However, it also means that the position of Microsoft is now stronger than ever with the hiring of Sam!

According to Evercore ISI analysts, the hiring of the Brockman as well as the Altman by Microsoft was a clear win for the company. They also added that the appointment of an interim CEO at the OpenAI will allow the company to navigate through short-term uncertainty.

In the last few years, Microsoft has been investing heavily in the AI industry, considering how it is regarded as the technology of the future. Now that the company has a new AI expert on its team, the company's position will become more prominent.

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