8x8 Inc Stock Performance Is Highly Vibrant

 8x8 Inc Stock Performance Is Highly Vibrant

8x8 Inc Stock Performance Is Highly Vibrant

8x8 Inc. last trading price during the Friday session was around $3.45, which was lower than the previous close. If you pay a little attention to what's been happening on the intraday charts, you will notice that it has been moving between the $3.43 - $3.61 range.

And if we look at the price action of 52 weeks, it seems that the high was around $24.81 while the low was around $3.40. However, the 8x8 stock has lost almost 33.78% of its value in just the past month!

Market Valuation Of 8x8 Is $417.4 Million

At the time of writing this article, the market valuation of 8x8 inc. is around $417 million (approximately), and the company is close to its quarterly earnings release. According to experts, the EPS of 8x8 inc. in 2023 is expected to be $0.23. As for 2024, the estimate is set at $0.38 EPS for the 8x8.

Based on these valuations, it seems that the experts believe that the growth of EPS for this year will be 187.5% and around 65% for the next year.

By looking at the earning review of the 8x8, we can get a hint of what's ahead for the short term. Furthermore, there are no downward analysts posted for the company in the last week as well.

If we look at the technical readings, around eight indicators suggest a sell for the short term. On the other hand, the indicators are also suggesting a sell for the medium term as well. As for the long-term outlook, the technical indicators are also suggesting a sell.

So in that regard, the technical readings are hinting toward a sell while the EPS and other financial readings of the 8x8 are pointing towards good results. So in that regard, we believe that 8x8 technical readings must improve as well before we can recommend it as a buy!

If the company manages to get the EPS set by the experts, there is a high chance that its stock performance will improve as well!

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