Kenya Orders Facebook To Tackle Hate

 Kenya Orders Facebook To Tackle Hate

Kenya's Government Orders Facebook To Tackle Hate Speech

In the recent turn of events, the government of Kenya has ordered Meta (Facebook) to take action against incitement and hate speech on its platform. This order is released when the elections are just 1 month away.

If Meta fails to comply with the demands of Kenya, it may face suspension of its operations in the country.

Right now, Kenya is regarded as one of the biggest economies in East Africa and is hopeful of conducting country-wide elections.

According to people who know the current situation, the company recently approved several political advertisements on its platform. As such, these advertisements breach the rules of Kenya country against hate speech and incitement.

NCIC Believs Facebook Is Violating Kenya's Laws

NCIC is the watchdog that's responsible for the national cohesion and integration in Kenya. According to NCIC, its internal findings are in line with what's being surfaced in the media right now.

According to the NCIC commissioner, Facebook has violated the country's laws and is allowing itself to become a vector of incitement and hate speech. Furthermore, Facebook is acting as a platform to spread hate speech, disinformation, misinformation, and even incitement.

When Meta was asked about this incident, they said that the company is taking extensive steps to ensure inflammatory content and hate speech is removed from the platform.

Ahead of the country-wide elections, Meta is intensifying its operations to ensure that no hate speech finds any place on Facebook.

To counter the problem, the company has also hired staff who can speak the Swahili language to quickly find actionable content. On top of that, the company is also utilizing detection technology to find and remove any harmful content right away.

If the Meta fails to take any reasonable action against the hate speech and incitement, then the NCIC could escalate the issue and even ban the company operations in the country!

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