Tesla Record Car Deliveries

 Tesla Record Car Deliveries

Tesla Delivers Record Number Of Cars

Tesla has made a new record by delivering a record number of electric cars during the first quarter. Considering how the company was facing supply chain challenges, it is even more impressive that Tesla managed all of these car deliveries.

In total, the electric car market delivered around 310,000 vehicles in the 1st quarter of this year. When compared to the same time last year, that's an increase of almost 70%!

The chief executive officer of Tesla Elon Musk says that this improvement in car deliveries was made despite facing supply chain problems and strict COVID-19 policies in China. Since the Giga factory of Tesla is also located in China, this makes it an even more impressive feat!

310,048 Cars Delivered By Tesla

In total, 310,048 cars were delivered by Tesla since the start of this year. During the same time last year, the car deliveries from Tesla were only around 184,800, which tells us that these numbers are really impressive.

Despite facing a lot of problems, it was the outstanding work of key supplies and the Tesla team, according to Elon Musk.

Among the 310,048 car deliveries, the majority of them were from Tesla's Model Y and the Model 3 sedan. Elon Musk previously stated that their Model Y (electric car) is part of their plan to appeal to the wider market.

Tesla's Giga Factory In China

As mentioned earlier, Tesla's Giga factory is present in Shanghai, and the bulk of the car manufacturing is done there. In the same factory, lithium-ion batteries are also manufactured, which power electric cars.

However, the city is witnessing a surge in COVID-19 infections, which has resulted in the shutting down of various facilities and even tough containment measures. Tesla was planning to resume production on Monday, but according to reports, the plan fell apart.

In January, Elon Musk said that they are hopeful that the car deliveries of Tesla will increase up to 50%. Now that we look at the record number of car deliveries, it seems that the company has managed to reach its target.

Last year, the profit of Tesla was $5.5 billion (USD), which is equivalent to 4.2 billion.

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