Elon Musk Robot Production Planned

 Elon Musk Robot Production Planned

Elon Musk Robot Production Planned

Tesla has plans to venture into the production of a robot named Optimus and the schedule of introducing it to the world is early 2023, reveals chief executive Elon Musk.

The humanoid robot was first teased by the company last August and labeled as Tesla Bot. It was then said the new invention would be used for general purposes and to cover several tasks.

Musk stated lately while inaugurating a new assembly plant for electric vehicles in Austin, a production of the earlier announced robot will be in production and could be unveiled by next year. It is yet to be revealed the prototype of the Optimus. It is simultaneously not very clear how sophisticated the humanoid robot would be.

He further added that Optimus would transform the world and help in making Tesla better popular than electric vehicles. Musk sounded slightly controversial as a couple of years ago he said artificial intelligence is a threat and may turn up even more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

However, he argued that the Tesla-developed robot would be safe and may not have stuff similar to the Terminator.

Musk earlier stated the robot would be equipped with similar sensors and chips which are used in the electric vehicles produced by Tesla. It would have a height of more than five feet equipped with a display at the head position for information. It would be used in product development.

Musk mentioned the robot would be significantly better than the Tesla cars in the long run as the new venture is a serious endeavor.

Musk has always tried to achieve showmanship status. His tweets last year led to a jump in the price of DOGE cryptocurrency. He is the founder of SpaceX which works in making space missions less expensive. He simultaneously founded The Boring Company. He announced lately Tesla will be coming up with some exciting products in the near future. He stated in early 2019, his EV manufacturing company to launch about one million robotaxis in 2020. However, it is 2022 and the autonomous taxis have yet not hit the roads.

About Tesla

Tesla was founded in July 2003 by Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard. They served as CFO and CEO respectively during the initial years. The company manufactures electric vehicles and is headquartered in Austin, United States.

Robyn Denholm, Elon Musk, Zach Kirkham and Drew Baglino are some of the key people currently handling the company.

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