Google Increases Android Privacy

 Google Increases Android Privacy

Google Improves Android Privacy

At first, Google limited the data tracking on the Chrome browser and has now introduced the same privacy measures for other apps on Android as well. The new privacy measure is called 'Privacy Sandbox,' which will limit the data advertisers can collect on Android.

Android's rival Apple has also started to force app developers to ask for permission before tracking users on iOS devices.

However, moves like these by Google & Apple will not be good for Meta (formerly Facebook), which relies on collecting information about consumer behavior. In fact, Meta released a statement in which it said that the move by Apple would cost $10 billion this year alone. On the other hand, new privacy measures introduced by Google will also have an effect on Meta as around 85% of smartphones run on Android OS.

Gradual Phasing Out Of 3rd Party Cookies

Google plans to gradually phase out the use of users' browsing history via 3rd party cookies on Google Chrome by 2023. However, let's not forget that a major portion of Google's revenue also comes from advertisements which means that its revenue will be affected as well.

Google revealed that it is working with others to explore new technologies that will make it easy for the apps to use advertising SDK integration. However, Google did not reveal any plan on how it is going to achieve that!

Up To 6 Ad Trackers On Average

According to an estimate, an average app can include a minimum of six 3rd party trackers for the collection/sharing of users' data. On top of that, estimates also suggest that an average data broker contains information on 700 million consumers, which is a big number!

So when the new changes in Google do come into play, this would totally change the advertising ecosystem on mobile as we know it! But will this lead to new and safer ways to collect users' data without infringing on their privacy? Only time will tell!

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