Google To Use Ai To Design Chips

 Google To Use Ai To Design Chips

Google To Design Chips Through AI

Google sacked a senior engineering manager lately for his harassing behavior towards colleagues, asalleged by co-workers. The dispute threatens the company's reputation in the academic community and simultaneously may become a catalyst to disrupt government grants, which are in millions of dollars, for artificial intelligence and chips research.

In recent years, employees have been lodging open critiques against the research unit related to personnel complaints handling and publication practices as well.

Nature journal published last June that the AI of Google's research unit is capable of fulfilling a primary role in the chip design process. It is termed as floorplanning and is much faster as well as better than a human expert. The project was led by Anna Goldie and Azalia Mirhoseini scientists.

However, another report published in a paper this March claims two alternative approaches outperformed the AI. One was better on a proprietary rubric while the other on a test. Google colleagues were anonymously mentioned in it.

Google has not yet commented on the reports and maintained a tight lip after the firing episode of Satrajit Chatterjee, who was the leading driver in the project. It is awaited to understand officially why he was sacked.

Meanwhile, Chatterjee's attorney Laurie Burgess said it was unfortunate that his client was fired as his goal was always to maintain transparency about the scientific work and has urged Google to address the issue in a time period of two years.

Goldie and Mirhoseini are reported to have been harassed for a long by the spread of misinformation about the two. Burgess has denied the allegations and added that his client has never leaked any report to the journal earlier.

Binghamton University associate professor Patrick Madden said he has read the two papers and Nature lacked sufficient comparison points.

Nature said they take all the concerns while publishing papers and are now looking into the matter carefully.

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