Parcel Company Hermes Renames To Evri

 Parcel Company Hermes Renames To Evri

Parcel Company Hermes Renames To Evri

Hermes is now Evri. The delivery titan has changed its name. It has simultaneously introduced a couple of significant changes to the pension plans with a fresh cash injection of 7 million pounds. A new logo is said to be accompanied with all the new print and electronic content.

The company runs on a self-employed couriers strategy and has announced to be facilitating retirement plans as well as leaves based on paternity and maternity. The deal will be carried out by the GMB union.

CEO Martijn de Lange said the company has been committed to supporting the self-employed couriers under the SE+ model launched in 2019 and they wish to lead the industry again. With the latest announcement, the couriers will be retaining their flexibility.

He added that the rebranding of Hermes as Evri is the result of dramatic growth in the past two years and significant investment in their entire business. It is not just a name change, but far more including an extended commitment to lead the industry by creating a responsible delivery experience. The commitment is based on Evrione and Evriwhere. A new and better working culture will be heralded in the ever-evolving world.

Steve Garelick of GMB union said henceforth the couriers will be equipped with security and safety as the retirement plans are now being looked by the company.

He further added that the right to leaves related to paternity and maternity will lead to the breaking down of barriers as previously people with children were less interested to enter the profession.

About Hermes or Evri

Formerly known as Hermes, the Evri Europe GmbH group was founded in West Germany in 1972 and is owned by retail giant Advent. It is headquartered in Leeds, United Kingdom. The multinational delivery company operates in the UK, Italy, Austria, Russia and Germany.

Hermes entered the East Germany market in 1990 and thereafter became a common name in German parcel services. It stepped into France and UK in 1997 and 2000 respectively. It started offering delivery services in Austria in 2007. Two years later, it entered the Italy market. It tapped the Russian market in 2010.

The company grabbed several awards in 2017 like the best courier team and excellence in operation. In the same year, it launched one of the largest parcel sorting infrastructures in Rugby, Warwickshire. A year later, it was awarded the best digital team.

With respect to charity, Hermes signed an agreement with CHICKS in September 2018.

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