Tesla Will Allow Access To Its Charging Network To Rival Ev Makers

 Tesla Will Allow Access To Its Charging Network To Rival Ev Makers

Tesla Will Allow Access To Its Charging Network To Rival EV Makers

Tesla Inc. is all set to open its charging network in the USA to other electrical vehicle makers in the country. Doing that will allow Tesla to join the $7.5 billion worth of Federal program.

The central government had launched a new program in which it wanted to cut back on carbon emissions and increase the use of electric vehicles.

If Tesla goes through this plan, it will become the filling station of every EV car out there. However, this could also remove one of the biggest advantages Tesla had over other EV makers.

For a long time, Tesla boasted one of the biggest supercharging networks in the country. But after allowing access to this network for all rival EV makers, that advantage will just evaporate into thin air!

Access To 3500 Superchargers By 2024

According to the details, Tesla will provide access to around 3500 superchargers present on the highways to non-Tesla customers. In addition, around 400 locations with slow chargers will also be opened for rival EVs.

According to US President Biden, this will prove to be a big deal for the promotion of EVs in the country. He also commented on how this move by Tesla will make a big difference.

As for Elon Musk, it seems that he is also happy to support other electric vehicles through its supercharger network.

After this move, Tesla will become eligible to apply for a subsidy. This was revealed by white house officials just recently.

As per the details, this will also allow Tesla to introduce retrofitting in its fleet... The only condition is that it just allows all EVs to charge through the CCS charging standard set by the Fed.

Although Tesla has not yet committed to the use of CCS standards, it must comply with requirements if it wants to win federal funds.

Currently, Tesla controls around 17711 superchargers across the USA. This equals to 60% of the fast chargers in the country and highlights the competitive edge of Tesla over other EV makers.

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