Apple Freeze Its Hiring Process For The Next Year According To Insiders

 Apple Freeze Its Hiring Process For The Next Year According To Insiders

Apple Freeze Its Hiring Process For The Next Year, According To Insiders

Since the start of this summer season, Apple has been seriously planning its hiring and investment decisions. In fact, the same sentiment was also felt as the company released its quarterly earnings. According to insiders working at Apple, the company has actually put a pause on all hiring.

Apple has also informed the staff working at various divisions that no new hires will be onboarded in the company for several months. Experts believe that this ban on new hiring could extend till September 2023 at least!

But this temporary ban on new hiring will affect all the employees working at Apple? According to available information, this will mostly affect the full-time employees of Apple. On the other hand, the sales staff, which is responsible for the retail division, will be allowed to hire new staff ahead of the holiday season.

No Budget Allocated For Additional Headcount

A person who had direct knowledge about the matter said that Apple had not allowed any budget for new hires for the coming year. So in a sense, this is equivalent to putting a freeze on the hiring process.

If we look back, it becomes apparent that Apple has been signalling that it is going to slow down its hiring process. Just a few months back, Apple laid off around 100 contract recruiters in an attempt to slow down spending.

As for Apple's official version, the company claims that it is following a cautious approach when it comes to hiring new staff.

Considering the global slowdown in consumer spending and poor financial results of the big tech (including Apple), it is only natural for companies like this to slow down their spending.

In fact, experts believe that we might see similar moves in other big tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and others since they are also facing hard times.

But what would happen if a portion of the current full-time employees left the company? In such a case, will the company have to hire full staff, or will it continue with the current policy? These questions still remain to be answered as Apple attempts to rein its expenses.

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