Solana Faces Yet Another Major Network Outage

 Solana Faces Yet Another Major Network Outage

Solana Faces Yet Another Major Network Outage

Solana, which was once dubbed the Ethereum killer, has witnessed yet another major network outage. It all started with a misconfigured node which made the network stop processing any transactions. The problem was so severe that it made the Solana network go offline - Overall, it was the 4th time that the Solana network faced a major network outage.

The last time Solana faced an outage like this was in September 2021, and the total duration was around 18 hours. Meanwhile, the crypto winter has already made Solana (SOL) lose 81% of its market cap this year alone.

On Friday, a status update was updated on the official site, which cited that the network was experiencing problems. As a result, it was expected that the users might experience degraded performance. The note also stated that the developers are working to fix the underlying issue.

Shortly after the notice, it was posted that the Solana network was down and unable to process the transactions.

What Caused The Solana Outage?

An expert stated that the root of the problem was a misconfigured node which made the network go down. This problematic node created a network partition that was unrecoverable.

By default, the codebase of Solana should have fixed the issue by itself, but for some reason, it made an unrecoverable fork on the network. The majority view is that the misconfigured node was nothing but an accident.

After staying down for around 3 hours (2 hours & 45 minutes, to be precise), the Solana mainnet was restarted.

Is Solana Still The Ethereum Killer?

If Solana is really serious about its status as an Ethereum killer, then it will need to do a lot more than that! For now, Solana is nowhere near a worthy challenger to Ethereum (ETH) and will stay that way until it fixes the underlying problems. If we look at Ethereum, it still continues to enjoy its #2 position in the top crypto charts!

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