Asian Stocks Gain Ground Ahead Of Cpi

 Asian Stocks Gain Ground Ahead Of Cpi

Asian Stocks Gain Ground Ahead Of Us Cpi

The majority of the Asian stocks were green on Tuesday, which was also in line with the tech rally in the US stocks. The appreciation of the stocks across the board indicates that investors are positioning themselves ahead of the CPI print.

Even a hint of early rate cuts will allow the US and Asian stocks to breathe fresh air. On the contrary, the stocks could turn red again amid increased chances of no change in interest rate policy.

Msci Index Is Up By 0.2%

The MSCI index was up by 0.2%, while most of the tech stocks from the US also ended the day in the green. In Europe, the Stoxx 50 futures showed an upside of 0.29%, while the FTSE futures showed a +0.34% change.

Similarly, the DAX index futures, which include the top future stock contacts from Germany, showed a 0.27% upside. Overall, the sentiment over the EU stocks was mainly bullish as well.

In the USA, the same can't be said as the S& P 500 e-mini ended the day with a -0.1% downside as the CPI release is just around the corner.

Australia's main stock index also closed the day with a 0.95% gain, while the Nikkei from Japan was seen with a 1.14% upside.

In addition, the Hang Seng index (Hong Kong) was also seen in green (+0.26% change) along with the CSI300 (China), which was up by 0.21% on Tuesday.

According to analysts, the positive sentiment of the stock markets worldwide is due to the upcoming CPI release. Per the forecasts, the headline inflation in the USA will increase by 3.2% (Yearly) and 0.2% (Monthly).

As for the consumers' expectations about inflation also fell to 3-year lows, which shows that the inflation reading may surprise the markets once again. If this becomes a reality, the stock indices' uptrend will continue!

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