London Stock Exchange LSE Brokers for 2024

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London Stock Exchange LSE Brokers Guide

Analysis by Andrew Blumer, Updated Last updated - April 19, 2024

London Stock Exchange (LSE) Brokers

Just like there is a stock market for every country, the United Kingdom (UK) also has a primary stock exchange known as the LSE or London Stock Exchange. In fact, the LSE market is the largest among all the other European countries. Another fact that makes the London Stock Exchange so unique is that it is more than 300 years old. In 1973, the stock exchange of GB and Ireland was formed as a result of the merger. This market was later named LSE, which still continues to this day.

To track the performance and movement of LSE, the main index is FTSE or Financial Times Stock Exchange. In the UK, this market is also known as the Footsie, which represents the top 100 blue-chip stocks from the LSE.

The stock market of the UK also has a physical presence in London hence the name LSE. A rather important event for the LSE was that it merged with the Milan Stock Exchange in 2007. As a result of this merger, the London Stock Exchange Group was formed.

London Stock Market Important Facts

Some quick facts about the LSE include: